Flagship Store Stuttgart - another milestone

Flagship Store Stuttgart - another milestone

Taking on the project of the flagship store in Stuttgart led Professor Josef P. Kleihues, the renowned and multi-award winning German architect, back to his roots. In the 50s, he studied architecture in the royal capital of Baden-Württemberg. One of the most famous schools of modern architecture developed from the College of Art in Stuttgart after the war. Many impressive master builders of the modern age, like Professor Kleihues, have emerged from or have been influenced by this school. Some of his well-known works are the Museum of Ancient and Early History in Frankfurt, the Deichtorhallen in Hamburg and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. Kleihues’ building principle is guided by the basic idea of all P&C shopping worlds of tomorrow. All dividing lines have disappeared. The objective is transparency from the inside to the outside and vice versa. Passers-by should feel attracted by the display merchandise and the busy activity inside. The customers in-store enjoy the view to the world outside. Large glass fronts are the result.

The facts:

Opening: 2002
Sales area: approx. 15,000 m² over 5 floors

Architect: Josef P. Kleihues, Berlin >>

Address: Please click here for address and location plan >>

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