Flagship Store Leipzig - a milestone in the east

Flagship Store Leipzig - a milestone in the east

The architects Moore, Ruble, Yudell are based in Santa Monica, California, USA. The team of architects pursues a style defined by humanist tradition — a lively, imaginative style mediating between modernity and postmodernity and involving the surroundings and the life in the area.The store in Leipzig is one of the last works by Charles Moore, the well-known head of the team. He was inspired by the architecture and tradition of the city. His building echoes the Wilhelminian style of the 19th century that characterises the image of this historical, industrial and trading town in many places. He gave the building a front similar to a castle and a glass corner tower with many merlons that is brightly lit at night.The recessed façade thus structures the bay window, which has the air of an historical gentlemen’s outfitters’ shop window. The projecting front is sleek and in a modern abstract style.

The facts

Opening: 1994
Sales area: 7,700 m² over 4 floors

Architects: Moore, Ruble, Yudell, Santa Monica

Address: Please click here for address and location plan >>

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