Flagship Store Cologne - a true flagship

Flagship Store Cologne - a true flagship

»Being an architect is a real adventure: being on the borderline between art and science, on the ridge between invention and monument, between the courage to go forward and true respect for tradition.«  Renzo Piano

Master Builder - Renzo Piano
The architect Renzo Piano is one of the most creative and productive master builders of our age. He reinvents his style with each new project. He breaks conventions and makes architecture what it was for the famous architects of history: an art. The Italian star architect is a construction artist in every sense. He enjoys exceeding the limits of what is thought to be technically possible. He takes pleasure in revealing new perspectives and creates sensations from urban buildings. You have to dare to try new things, he says. He has shown what he means in Cologne and has presented a new landmark.
Renzo Piano’s idea is perfectly embodied by the sketch of the sweep. A shorthand symbol summarizing the basic elements of the architectural work of art with few lines. Glass, wood, stone and steel—classic materials the Italian used to form a dress for a modern building.

The idea
A wide-swinging elegant glass body pleasantly stands out against the concrete architecture of inner-city Cologne and enriches Cologne’s shopping mile, Schildergasse, with a new focal point. Renzo Piano’s glass dress surrounds ever-changing fashion with never-ending magic. He evolves the perfect presentation medium for P&C’s fashion with ease. Picture rights by Andreas Fechner

The facts:

Opening: 2005
Sales area: approx. 14,400 m² over 5 floors.

Architect: Renzo Piano, Genua/ Paris

Address: Please click here for address and location plan >>

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