Flagship Store Frankfurt a. M. - a centre of attraction

Flagship Store Frankfurt a. M. - a centre of attraction

Does architecture follow the tides of fashion? Every architect would absolutely deny this. After all, architects build monuments whose beauty is timeless. However, looking at the buildings of the past, you see that they always have mirrored the spirit of their age. The flagship store in Frankfurt am Main unmistakably has its roots in the golden age of the 80s. The skyscrapers of the banks introduced cool, reflecting splendour in the city on the River Main. Society’s affluence expressed itself in new, representative buildings and moreover, made gold fashion’s favourite colour. This is also apparent in the new P&C store. Gold shines and polished brass shimmers on door and window-frames and balustrades. The architects Rhode, Kellermann and Wawrowsky have long been famous for their symbolic shapes. The new P&C store they had constructed on the Zeil had a great impact on Frankfurt’s shopping mile.

The facts:

Opening: 1988
Sales area: approx. 16,900 m² over 5 floors

Architects: Rhode, Kellermann, Wawrowsky, Düsseldorf >>

Address: Please click here for address and location plan >>

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