When it comes to ethics and the environment, we get very serious: whatever we do is always controlled according to strict standards - ensuring that our actions are socially compatible is an integral part of our corporate policy.

It is extremely important to us to offer our customers only goods that have been produced under humane conditions where the protective regulations established in the respective country’s labour laws are observed and special attention is paid to environmental protection. Furthermore, you can of course return packing material to us - if desired.

Our purchasing policy is subject to unusually rigorous requirements that go above and beyond legal requirements, and includes careful monitoring:

Before our business relationship with a supplier even begins, the supplier has to sign a contract guaranteeing that it provides nonhazardous products only. In addition, all of the products bearing our in-house brands are tested for an array of hazardous substances in specially selected laboratories before receipt of delivery. We also comply with due diligence in the sense of the stringent Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, by regularly testing a sample of products for azo dyes, PCP, chromium VI, nickel, and TBT residues.

As a retail and wholesale corporation with an international procurement network, we are aware of the issues relating to working conditions in many producing countries. We take our responsibility seriously, and cooperate with our partner suppliers to ensure they provide good working conditions.

As early as 1997, P&C created a monitoring program requiring specialists to inspect working conditions and propose improvements as required.

Together with numerous other European retailers, we have been participating in the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) since 2003. The initiative supports the implementation and monitoring of social standards.

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